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Matthew Cross — Faith Walker: First-Watch

Superheroes. Adventure. Intrigue. Battles. Faith. It’s not every day that you get THAT combination in a single children’s novel, but thanks to an exciting African American Christian series by Clint D. Johnson, you can give your children aged 7-16 the exciting, enthralling adventure story THEY want with the strong faith message YOU want. This is an African American black gift you won’t want to miss out on!

“Matthew Cross — Faith Walker: First-Watch” catches the attention of the reader from the very first page and holds it right until the end. Better yet, it gives your children a faith-based message that they can take with them long after they’ve set down the book. Part of a series, your children will want to read every one.

Place your order online today and find out why this African American novel makes a perfect African American black gift for children hungry for a strong moral message and a bit of adventure!

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