WC162 Too Blessed to be Stressed 2018 Wall Calendar

12" x 12" Wall Calendar
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Too Blessed to Be Stressed 2018 Black Calendar

We all have moments where we feel stressed in our day-to-day lives. Occasionally it’s good to have a reminder that life is too short for that, and that God has blessed us with enough good fortune and happiness to get through these stressful times. One excellent way to remember this every day is to take a look at our ‘Too Blessed to Be Stressed’ 2018 Black Calendar. Artist Dorothy Allen has created another fun, touching African American wall calendar in her “Blessed” series that we can all relate to.

This colorful 12” x 12” 2018 calendar looks great in any home, office, church or other location. It features African-American women, men and children as they go about their days and are reminded of the great blessings they have. Don’t let modern life distract you from remembering the love God has for you every single day! Order your calendar today!

Artist Dorothy Allen reminds us that life is too precious to be wasted, painting this message into each and every piece of her quirky artwork.

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