African American Home Decor

Every once in a while, it’s nice to liven up your home décor. A new wall hanging, a great sculpture, some designer plates or a new piece of art can go a long way to adding a fresh new look to any room in your home. At African American Expressions, we’re known for our fantastic collection of items and gifts like cards, mugs, apparel, and stationery, but we also have a great lineup of unique Afrocentric home décor.

We carry items like:

  •          Canvas art, featuring bold, dynamic designs, vibrant colors, and attractive themes
  •          Glass plates that share wonderful messages of faith with gorgeous images and detailing
  •          Framed art and wall plaques for adding some life, color, and positivity to any room
  •          Detailed metal sculptures that add a high-quality 3rd dimension to your home décor
  •          Tapestry throw blankets that combine function with beautiful Afrocentric designs
  •          Figurines that range from the whimsical, sassy, thought-provoking, and designs inspired by faith

 These and other wonderful items of African American home décor are available right here at AAE in our online catalog. From the comfort of your own home, you can browse our unique items and decide what is best for your home. You may want to pick several different pieces for a beautiful theme in your own home, but our Afrocentric  art can also make a great gift for a friend or family members home as well!

Our wonderful pieces of décor are designed for your home in mind, but they would also look great in your office, school, church, or let’s face it - anywhere else you’d like to show off your love for black art and black culture. Select matching pieces for a classic, elegant look, or mix-and-match several different styles and themes for a more contemporary style to enjoy eye-pleasing African American wall art and home décor with a positive message cherished by many in our community. 

Do you have a space on your wall on or a shelf that’s begging for an attractive piece of art? Why not choose African American home décor to add style and beauty to your home? We have art that's suitable for every room of your home or at your office, church or place of work. You can choose art for yourself or to give as a gift to special people in your life.

Our African American art pieces work great as standalone pieces or can be grouped to create a unique art selection. Fill a room with wall art, pillows, figurines and other home décor for a beautiful African American-inspired theme.

It’s easy to place your order at AAE, so start browsing now and choose all of the Afrocentric home décor and wall art you’ve been looking for.

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