African American Black Calendars Online

At African American Expressions, we have a lineup of attractive and unique black calendars designed to highlight all of the positive things about our people. We are proud of our African American heritage, our community, and our faith! The messages in our black calendars are designed to instill in our families, and in our children, the lessons of our past and our hopes for the future! Proudly display your history and pride in your home with a calendar today!

Calendars Throughout History

We all consult calendars every day without putting much thought into it. But the concept for a standardized method for keeping track of the passage of time goes back centuries. The first records of any sort of calendar go back to ancient Egypt, where the movement of the stars was used to track time and predict yearly weather conditions. The ancient Babylonians used the movement of the moon to create the calendar, which is still used today by the Jewish and Muslim faiths. The problem with this is that a lunar month is slightly shorter than an actual month, meaning a correction has to be made from time to time.

All of these early calendars were a decent approximation over the short term, but over the years, slight difference meant that calendars were eventually incorrect by several months. The Romans corrected this by using precise astronomical observations to create a solar calendar that was very close to accurate. This is when the ‘Leap Year’ was created, where a 29th day was added to February every four years to compensate for a few missing minutes every day. Even if this was an improvement, there were still improvements to be made.

The Gregorian Calendar Becomes Widely Used

A further step to perfecting the calendar occurred in the 1500s when the Pope Gregory XIII further tinkered with the idea of the Leap Year and made it so that three times per century the Leap Year doesn’t occur. This calendar bears his name to this day, the Gregorian calendar. It took several centuries for the Gregorian calendar to gain universal acceptance, but by the early 1900s every country around the world that doesn’t use the Jewish or Muslim lunar calendars was using the same calendar we know here in the US.

We often take for granted things like telling time and following a calendar, but it’s interesting to see just how much thought and effort went into creating the precise calendar we all use today!

Easily Keep Track of Holidays and Other Important Events

Our black calendars make for an easy and attractive way to keep track of important events and holidays. Don’t remember when Martin Luther King Day is? Trying to remember what day of the week Kwanzaa starts on this year? Just take a look at your beautiful calendar!

Of course, your black calendar is also an ideal location to keep track of your appointments, events and other happenings in your life. Use it every day of the year!


Black Calendars Delivered Right to Your Doorstep

Our Afrocentric wall calendars include inspiring pictures, uplifting images and touching phrases that you can take with you all day. Messages of faith, messages of hope, and messages of love that will put a smile on your face first thing in the morning. Your family will look forward to the start of every month, when a new page is turned. With many unique designs and styles right here in our online catalog, you can find different black calendars for everyone special in your life.

Afrocentric calendars make a great gift for your spouse, your children, your parents, your friends, your church family and so many other people in your community. The best part of one of our calendars, is that the person will fondly think of you with each turn of the page. It is a daily reminder of your love and care for them!

Take a look now and scroll through our beautiful designs. Maybe a traditional look is more your speed, or perhaps you prefer a religious theme to help spread your faith. Maybe a modern theme is more your speed, to suit the décor in a home or office, or something fun and festive to bring joy to whoever sees it.

While you're making a list of people you'd like to offer an African American Expressions wall calendar to, don't forget one important person: Yourself! You, too, will appreciate the daily reminder of what our rich and beautiful culture means to you. Put it in your home or at your place of work, and give yourself a moment every day to gaze upon it. It's our privilege and responsibility to be strong, positive members of our black community, and we need to reflect every day on the joy in our lives.


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