WC170 All That Jazz 2019 Wall Calendar

12" x 12" Wall Calendar
SKU: WC170
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Is Jazz music an important part of your life? For many African American families, jazzy rhythm and blues music really brings everyone together and offers a soundtrack for our lives. To celebrate the importance of this traditionally Black music, our 2019 All That Jazz 12” by 12” African American wall calendar offers up a whimsical and smile-inducing look at this fascinating form of music.

Each colorful monthly image depicts a Jazz artist or band in all their splendor. The images are of such high-quality that many of our customers remove them at the end of the month and frame them for display in their home. You can do the same by placing your order today. Our African American wall calendars also make great gifts, so surprise all of your jazzy friends with a black calendar of their own!


Artist: Oronde Kairi



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